Dear Monique,

I want to thank you for your music ministry on Sunday , May 14th at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. I am sorry I was unable to be there but thank God for your ministry.

Major Muhs
Major Beth Muhs
Administrator for Program Manhattan ARC

Monique & The Salvation Army

For several years Monique has done ministry with and for The Salvation Army.  From volunteer work, to leading worship on Sunday mornings at several different Corps, to ministering at numerous Adult Rehabilitation Centers, to singing at special events, graduations and conferences across the United States. Monique has a strong connection to The Salvation Army and supports everything that they do for communities, the fight against human trafficking, rehabilition programs, etc.  If you are unfamiliar with what The Salvation Army does, we strongly encourage you to look into them.  

                    If you are apart of  The Salvation Army and would like to have Monique come and minister                        in worship or special music please contact Margie (562) 221-7676 or                                                               

                   A list of references will be given upon request.

"Monique is an annointed worship leader.  Her willingness to serve and help those in need, along with her dedication to ministry has definetly blessed our Church!"

Captain Alexander Williams, Inglewood, CA Corps